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Why Instagram Likes Are So Important


Why Instagram Likes Are So Important“First, like, then read on!”, “Saw a post? Like it! «- saw posts that start that way?» Annoying? Instagram users are divided into 2 camps: some «beg» for free likes on instagram pictures.

Why Instagram Likes Are So Important

Instagram has long run a ranked feed. This means all of your subscribers. If the set has a good number of likes, the comments are saved and the algorithm is saved, Instagram decides that this is an interesting post and shows it to a larger number of people, raises it in the stream above. The algorithm decides that it cannot show. No, Instagram does not delete it and does not hide it. Just ahead, pulled out by other people. And this, uninteresting, is gathering dust somewhere behind the closet.

Of course, it’s a shame when you long and hard recruited subscribers in your Instagram account, and now your posts have a tiny reach and no one even sees them. All people will learn about your promotions, news, new course, new information. If you want more sales, you need likes.

However, if you can monetize your account too. Stores actively collaborate with bloggers and pay them for advertising. In this case, the shops are also interesting. Want to attract advertisers? You need likes.

And you want to use your account with free methods — you need likes again. Your account should show good performance. Someone asks for statistics on reach. But everyone is looking at the number of likes. Nobody wants to cooperate with you. You will publish your ingenious posts for mom and girlfriend.

That is precisely why bloggers and shops are now begging for likes. More precisely, it reminds you that likes are important and you should hit a heart if you like the post.

Why Followers Don’t Like

I’ll clarify right away that there is always a category of loyal readers who have not even read the post itself. As a rule, such people are in the minority.

I conducted a survey to sign up for an account. The discussion was quite active, and several reasons why readers did not see were identified.

Why is this important?

Not everyone knows that likes are important, so they don’t. Just explain to them why feedback is important to you, why coverage is important, why you want more people to read and see. Your readers may just be out of touch.

Confused likes and save

Likes used to be bookmarks. Some users liked only those posts that they later planned to return to. Now a separate function has appeared for this case — a post can be added to Favorites and even sort saved posts by album. It has become much more convenient, but again, not everyone knows about it. Tell them.


Some complain that there are too many posts in their feed and every like — the hand gets tired. Well there’s nothing to be done. I don’t think that this category of users can be re-educated or somehow surprised so much that they like or write a comment.